To achieve the desired height for the new kitchen, the old cellar floor had to be taken out, lowered and all walls underpinned to prevent them from collapsing. The underpinning included the brick piers, which also had to be underpinned in sections.

Project Details

The main contractor had stripped out the basement and created a large sunken patio area to the rear before Beautiful Basements got involved with the project.

The first task was to remove the old floor and section by section, underpin the walls and piers holding up the old barrel arches.

When complete, a new floor was cast and the basement waterproofed using a type C, cavity drainage membrane system. All the external walls and floor were linked via underground drains to a sump and pumping station located in the sunken patio.

The main contractor then carried out the fit out that ended with an award for design.

Location: Billesdon, Leicestershire
Completed: 2005