Conversion and partial underpin of basement into state of the art, fully acoustically sound cinema room

The Challenges

The biggest challenge was in creating the new space for the bathroom. The whole space had to be excavated by hand and all the foundations underpinned in a very small space

Project Details

Beautiful Basements converted a two room, shabby basement into a fully acoustically sound cinema room with a new window, bar and extended the basement to create a bathroom and storage area under another part of the house.

The cinema is now completely soundproof, contains a 72″ LCD HD TV, surround sound with embedded speakers and fully controllable and adjustable lighting.

A new bathroom was completed with a toilet, shower and a hand basin.

The entire basement was waterproofed using a type C, cavity drainage system, linked to a sump and pump.

Location: Birmingham
Completed: 2010

Project Description

Year Completed:2010