In a family house in Narborough, Leicestershire a young family needed more space to allow their children to play safely, whilst allowing the adults somewhere to relax, with the basement presenting the ideal place for a playroom.

The basement under their house was more often than not under 6" of water and not suitable for anything other than an indoor pond! Beautiful Basements were asked to lower the floor to give more head room, waterproof and make the space dry to allow for the creation of a child's play area.

The foundations were found to be deep enough to not require underpinning. The floor was lowered, water pumped away and a new, structural floor cast and the walls and floor waterproofed using a cavity drainage membrane system linked to a sump with two pumps and a high water alarm.

The Challenges

Waterproofing a basement in family house in Narborough, creating a dry space to allow for a children's game and activity room

Project Details

Beautiful Basements were asked to lower the floor, cast new structural floor slab and waterproof a basement in a young family’s house to create a dry space for a children’s play room

Location: Narborough, Leicestershire
Completed: 2015

Project Description

Location:Narborough, Leicestershire
Year Completed:2015