The basement was constantly flooded to around 150mm (6 inches), making all works a challenge. The basement had to be constantly dewatered to allow the works to take place.

Project Details

In a family house in Narborough, Leicestershire a young family needed more space to allow their children to play safely, whilst also giving the adults a space to relax. The basement provided a perfect space to be able to become an ideal place for a combination of both.

Beautiful Basements were asked to lower the floor to give more head room, waterproof and make the space dry to allow for the creation of a child’s play area.

The foundations were found to be deep enough to not require underpinning. The floor was lowered, water pumped away and a new, structural floor cast and the walls and floor waterproofed using a cavity drainage membrane system linked to a sump with two pumps and a high-water alarm.

Location: Narborough, Leicestershire
Completed: 2015