The basement below this large town house was only accessible at the front of the house, the main developer decided to extend it to the whole footprint of the house, this required underpinning the rear half of the property. This presented a challenge for the waterproofing design team, as continuity between old and new structures is very tricky.

The property would eventually hold 6 student bedrooms, each with an en-suite, so the basement rooms also had to house the foul sump & pump for two of those bathrooms. Foul sumps are usually very large and require deep excavations for installation.

Project Details

In a popular student area of Leicester City, Beautiful Basements were asked to consult on the overall conversion and install the waterproofing system.

The basement had only one room at the front, but under direction from Beautiful Basements, the rear was excavated and underpinned leaving a floor plan the same size as the house above.

Beautiful Basements installed a cavity drainage membrane (CDM) system, linked to a sump and pump for each apartment and the basement was converted into two en-suite bedrooms for rent by students at a local University

Location: Leicester
Completed: 2012