As part of a development of a rural site which included two new houses, a barn conversion and the renovation of the original buildings, Beautiful Basements was brought in to design and build the basement underneath the first of the two new builds.

The Challenges

New build basement next to a road in rural Northamptonshire with contiguous piling along one side to support the road for large farming machinery.

Project Details

The site of the basement is on the corner of a busy junction through the heart of the village, and both roads are commonly used for very large, heavy farming machinery.

During the construction process is was a very real concern that the road would slip into the excavation, so contiguous concrete piling was designed and installed next to the road prior to excavation.

Once complete a beam was built to cap the piles and the excavation could be dug and the basement built.

The basement was built using timber shuttering and mass filled concrete and waterproofed using a Type C Cavity Drainage Membrane. Due to the very high water table in the area a permanent external sump was installed to prevent water from ever coming to bear against the walls of the basement.

Client: Langton Homes
Location: Ashley, Nr Market Harborough
Completed: 2014
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Project Description

Client:Langton Homes
Location:Ashley, Nr Market Harborough
Year Completed:2014