During the conversion works to the basement it was discovered that there was a stream running underneath the house.

This presented a significant challenge for the waterproofing as the basement would always be subject to an active water table. The stream was left undisturbed, but to prevent it from overflowing and flooding the basement a one-way valve was installed which allowed it to flow into the new sump chamber in emergencies.

Project Details

The basement was completely stripped out and take back to the original stone and brick. A new sump was installed with a valve that kept the stream from overflowing, new perimeter drainage channels were installed to link the newly applied wall and floor membranes to the sump and keep the basement dry.

Once waterproof, the basement was then finished with insulations, plaster board, plaster, a radiator and new electrical points.

The basement is used daily by the children as a playroom and as a study for adults in the evenings.

Location: Matlock, Derbyshire
Completed: 2005