The property was an apartment that was the bottom floor of a very large house, the old house had been divided up and turned into three apartments.

Fitting a new bathroom into a basement comes with a set of challenges, the primary amongst them is where to discharge the wastewater, for this project, a macerator was installed.

Each of the three apartments’ electric and water supplies were routed through the basement, so installing new pipes and electrics for the bedroom and bathroom was tricky as we had to cause minimum disturbance for the other tenants.

Project Details

Beautiful Basements converted a flooded, damp basement into a spectacular second bedroom to turn this property into a two-bedroom apartment in the most desirable area of Leicester City.

As part of a renovation on a large house, the ground floor flat had been converted into a one-bedroom apartment, and it had a flooded basement.

The water was pumped away, and basement waterproofed using a cavity drainage membrane, linked to a sump and pump. The dry basement was then converted to become a second bedroom, including en-suite an bathroom.

Location: Stoneygate, Leicester
Completed: 2005