By the time Beautiful Basements was called to waterproof the basement it had already been built with zero consideration for waterproofing, with disastrous consequences.

The basement was permanently flooded to 300mm, this presented the greatest challenge to the waterproofing.

Project Details

Beautiful Basements was asked to waterproof an insulated concrete formwork (ICF) basement that had been built with no waterproofing design and was already complete.

As the build was complete and already back filled a traditional, external tanking system was not possible. A waterproofing design was agreed up to install a cavity drainage membrane system internally and a permanent external pumping system.

An external sump was already in place with a perimeter drain all the way around the basement, this was adapted, and permeant pumps installed to reduce the amount of water building up against the walls of the basement.

Internally a sump was excavated and cast, and the walls and floor lined with a cavity drainage membrane, all linked together by perimeter drains.

All waterproofing materials were supplied by Triton Systems Ltd.

Location: Poundon, Oxfordshire
Completed: 2011