The property required internal cavity drainage membrane (CDM) applying to walls and floor, along with associated drainage & pumping, along with external deck waterproofing to allow for an external patio area that would cover the basement.

The principal challenge to waterproofing a basement with a deck is continuity between waterproofing for the deck above and the system for the basement itself. This has to be carefully designed before the build begins and implemented accurately.

Waterproofing Method

The drainage for this property consists of both natural falls on concrete floors, along with perimeter drainage, both internally and externally, all linked to 3 pumping stations containing 2 pumps and an internet-based monitoring system supplied by Hades Sump Monitor.

The external deck was waterproofed using a external barrier system (Type A as per BS 8102). The deck was laid to fall with concrete including integral waterproofing additives, and then layered with a homogeneous bitumen coat with fibreglass reinforcement, covered with drainage layers and slip coats to prevent tears. The deck finishing layers where then applied on top.

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All waterproofing materials supplied by Triton Systems Ltd & Koster Aquatecnic

Location: Hertfordshire
Completed: 2018
Architect: Swimming Pool Design and Management Ltd.