With a large restoration project, the main challenge is always coordinating with other trades as well as the main contractors.

On this project Beautiful Basements worked with the main developer to install the waterproofing system just prior to the flooring and windows being put in to minimise the amount of exposure of the system.

The other major challenge was the drainage system was designed and installed prior to consultation with Beautiful Basements. To overcome this, the usual drainage designs were adjusted and a custom solution for this project was developed and installed.

Waterproofing Method

Waterproofed using a Type C System – Cavity Drainage Membrane

Two types of cavity membrane were applied to the walls, one to allow for dry lining and insulation to be installed, another for space saving in the internal entrance staircase.

The junction between the walls and floor had channel installed to help move any water to the unusual sump location and the entire floor was covered with a durable cavity membrane.

Client: GPS Estates
Location: Silsoe, Bedfordshire
Surface Area: 46 square metres
Completed: 2019