Installing a second, insurance backed, waterproofing system for a very large new build basement in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

The Challenges

The main challenge on this project was that the basement is split over three levels and includes a swimming pool, making the waterproofing of the external shell very difficult. This challenge was overcome with the waterproofing system being designed and adapted to the complex build, meaning the work was carried out in several stages over more than a year.

Project Details

To allow for effective waterproofing of the basement, concrete channels were installed to facilitate easy movement of any water to the two sump and pumping chambers. Cavity drainage membranes were then installed over all external walls, linked to the channels and a cavity drainage flooring membrane was installed. The waterproofing and drainage system is fully maintainable, with flushing points installed throughout.

Waterproofing Method

  1. All retaining walls and floor are constructed with reinforced waterproof concrete – BS8102 Type B
  2. External walls and floor are waterproofing internally using a cavity drainage system linked to sumps & pumps – BS8102 Type C
Client: Cotswold Oak
Location: Sutton Coldfield
Surface Area: 450 square metres
Completed: 2019

Project Description

Client:Cotswold Oak
Location:Sutton Coldfield
Surface Area:450 square metres
Year Completed:2019