The most challenging part of the project was the build of a cantilevered chimney for the superstructure above. The architectural design called for an aga to be fit on the ground floor and this would require support from below.

As the ground below where the aga would be installed had been excavated as part of the basement build, a new foundation had to be built to support it. Building this foundation as part of the wall, essentially in mid-air proved a large challenge.

Project Details

Beautiful Basements was brought in during design phase and was commissioned to build the basement before the main contractors would build the superstructure above.

The walls were built using a very traditional block/concrete/block sandwich method, with waterproofing slurries on the wall floor junction as well as on each concrete “day joint”

When the walls were complete, they were membraned using a cavity drainage membrane, linked to a sump via underground drains. Installed in the sump are two pumps and a high-level alarm.

Once the membranes had been installed on the walls and floor, the internal, load-bearing walls were built and finally the block and beam floor installed.

Client: Oakmere Homes
Location: Edwalton, Nottinghamshire
Surface Area: 195 square meters
Completed: 2009
Architect: Alan Heafford Architects
Link: Visit project