Being in a very popular residential area of Leicester the main challenge was the proximity of the neighbouring houses and the restricted access to the site for heavy plant and deliveries.

Build Method

On this project Beautiful Basements was asked to design and build the basement. The best option for this project was to create a reinforced concrete (RC) basement, and have the rest of the house built using that as the foundation.

The basement was built using mass filled concrete between temporary timber shuttering with concrete containing a waterproof additive.

Once the basement had been complete and back-filled with a layered, compacted, granular material, the adjoining foundations for the rest of the new house were built and tied into the sub-structure with reinforcing steel to avoid any movement and give more strength to the super-structure.

Waterproofing Method

  1. Type B – Intergral Protection. The basement was constructed using reinforced concrete with an additive, making the concrete waterproof. All external construction joints, the RC wall kicker & slab toe were treated with a waterproof cementitious waterproofing slurry, giving extra protection to the Type B system.
  2. Type C – Internal Cavity Drainage System. The internal walls and floor were lined with a cavity membrane, all linked to a sump and pumping station via perimeter channels. Two pumps and a high level alarm were installed.


All materials were supplied by Triton Systems.

Location: Oadby, Leicester
Completed: 2017