When Beautiful Basements was contacted about the project, the floor and walls had already been built, there had been no design of any waterproofing system whatsoever.

First a sump had to be cut into the concrete and channel had to be carved out of the concrete floor to allow the water that was seeping into the basement to move to the sump. The concrete slab was 450mm thick, so cutting through it for a sump and channelling was very difficult.

Waterproofing Method

A sump had to be installed by cutting through the newly cast reinforced concrete slab and then the rest of the floor linked to this sump by a series of channels, scabbled into the floor.

Once route had been created to allow water to flow from where it was coming in to the sump the walls and floor were lined with a type C, cavity drainage membrane and two pumps and an alarm were installed.

Location: Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire
Completed: 2008