On a construction site for a new building for a disabled charity a retaining wall was required after it was discovered the hillside into which it was to be constructed was made of clay with water running down the face, causing collapse and potentially endangering workers below.

A geo-textile membrane was used to cover the bank and a perforated land drain installed to move water from the bottom of the excavation to suitable drainage points, the structural steel laid and the main slab cast up to the bank. The retaining wall was then constructed using pre-formed shutters and concrete poured straight against the bank.

The retaining wall had to be cast in three lifts due to the amount of concrete required to hold back the slipping clay. Once complete a large structural concrete wall, with drainage at the base was holding back the hill and draining the water at the same time. This allowed the rest of the construction to begin.

The Challenges

Build of a retaining wall holding back unstable ground above a new build site

Project Details

On the site of a country estate a new build activity centre for a disabled charity was put on hold until such time as the bank into which the building was to be constructed was made safe from collapse.

A retaining wall was designed and Beautiful Basements built it using plywood shuttering and concrete. Once complete the site was safe and the build could continue.

Client: John Robertson Building Contractor
Location: Ulverscroft, Leicestershire
Completed: 2014

Project Description

Client:John Robertson Building Contractor
Location:Ulverscroft, Leicestershire
Year Completed:2014