The old factory had four different floor levels within the basement, linking these and the three new entrances to the basement were the hardest challenge.

Each flat had to be treated as a separate entity for guarantee purposes, so this coupled with the constant change in levels made for a challenging design and installation of the waterproofing system

Project Details

Beautiful Basements won the tender to waterproof the basement of the old “Gem Sox” factory in the centre of Leicester. The development created twenty-five self-contained student flats.

In partnership with Triton Systems, a waterproofing design was agreed upon and installed.

Once all the structural works had been carried out, Beautiful Basements began installing a sump in each of the two flats and perimeter drainage around all walls to carry water from the membranes applied to the walls and floor into the sump.

Client: RG Carter Peterborough Ltd
Location: Leicester
Surface Area: 300 square metres
Completed: 2013
Architect: Willmore Iles Architects