A new build basement in Leicestershire built using timber shuttering and mass filled waterproof concrete.

The Challenges

New build basement, built using waterproof concrete in Leicestershire

Project Details

Build of a large basement in rural Leicestershire using waterproof concrete as the primary waterproofing system.

Built using concrete with a waterproofing add mixture supplied by Triton Systems, the basement was constructed with timber shuttering and mass filled concrete.

The site is in a valley and has a very active water table, so waterproofing protection was a priority during the design process. With the Type B, Integral Protection as the primary waterproofing system, a Type C, Cavity Drainage Membrane was also installed as a back up waterproofing system.

Location: Braunston - in - Rutland
Completed: 2015

Project Description

Location:Braunston - in - Rutland
Year Completed:2015